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The madMan (about me)


Max Gerardo Morales


"I'll look to like, if looking liking move;

But no more deep will I endart mine eye than your consent

gives strength to make it fly."


 I’m a highly motivated creative Graphic Designer with extensive interest and experience in multi media marketing and print design. I have specialized in initiating brand and image development for company growth, while driving efficient improvements in the development and content maintenance of national websites. I am looking for opportunities to use my artistic and interpersonal skills as well as my experience in social media analytics and software applications. I have great presentation skills and a strong knowledge of advertising design. As a graphic communications industry enthusiast and Renaissance man, I prolifically pursue my passion in-all-things creative as a multidisciplinary artist. 

 Influenced by diverse cultures and fields as a member of Zulu Nation & SigEp, I fuse the four elements of hip hop to hit main stream markets while maintaining the professional look needed in corporate society. My experience ranges in vast fields and mediums guaranteeing original designs and productions for that specific client or project. Executing musical and graphic projects for commercial and industrial clients such as New York City Housing Authority (Community Affairs Department), HBO, MTV, and Special Olympics. As well as devising and creating new images for many nonprofit organizations in Long Island New York that specialize in education and at risk youth like Energetic Enterprise Youth Community Studio Inc. As well as in Miami like YoungArts, Empowered Youth USA, & AmeriCorp. On film experience and major roles like Jahmek's music video. MR. Connect on Real Talk DVDs vol. 6. And a one on one Art History lesson on graffiti and "tagging" filmed for ABC's reality TV show Wife Swap.

Honors & Awards

- Great Poets Across America Award 2012
- Business Executive Who's Who Award 
  Successful Entrepreneurs 2012 Edition (2011,2012)
- Nominated for Webby Award
  YoungArts Website Home Page (2011)


Photography (2009 – Present)

A constant growth in the development of the way I view the world through my artist camera lens. To see without knowing and to know with out seeing.

Art Show - A Mirror into Love

A classification of ideas portrayed through visual and performing art in a space for the purpose of promoting love for our selves and others. A mirror, not on society but on our individual selves the core of true change in our world.

“Whom have I on earth to speak for me? I had best create another species, one apart.

I will call him ‘artist.’ His will be the task to bring meaning and beauty to the world.”

- The Agony and the Ecstasy, By Irving Stone







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